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“We speak a different lingo. It’s like I’m speaking Chinese, she can’t comprehend me…”

Although the catchy lyrics in their original song “Lingo” describe miscommunication in relationships, it is fair to say we are all speaking the same language when it comes to our love for the unique talents of musical duo Luke + Jackson.

Freshman RTVF major Jackson Bailey and his counterpart junior integrative studies major Luke Meadows make up our new favorite local artists in the Denton music scene. With Bailey on the cajon and Meadows on vocals and guitar, these two musicians and friends have been taking Denton by storm with their skillful beats and talented voices.

“We are musicians,” says Meadows. “We didn’t start playing to go anywhere. My friends wanted us to play a song together and we did. Then we just kept playing from there.”

Despite the fact that they have only been playing together for about six months, Luke and Jackson make their chemistry seem effortless with their music.

“We just like playing together,” says Meadows.

Their music, made up of both original songs and covers, is performed with a style so unique it’s addicting. The combination of the cajon, a six-sided box-shaped percussion instrument, the guitar and vocals produces “a positive vibe,” as the two call it.

“Our music is inspired by being happy and feeling good,” says Bailey. Meadows adds that “seeing other artists and listening to good music inspires us to want to write music we would want to listen to.”

The buzz they have created on campus has fellow students jumping at the chance to see the two perform. Their reputation as fan favorites, as well as the support they have received at Union open mic nights and local music events, acts as motivation for this talented and versatile duo to continue creating music and performing.

The duo says they never imagined that so many people would follow their music and performances.

“My favorite part about playing is seeing how people react to our music,” says Bailey.

Luke and Jackson try to play around campus and the Denton area as often as possible. They are frequents at the Union Syndicate for open mics and are diner favorites at LSA Burger Co. If you’re wandering campus, you might catch them playing on the library mall or at other popular campus spots.

Aside from playing around the Denton area, Luke and Jackson are both involved in a worship band at the Trilogy Community Church. Meadows is a worship pastor at the church while Bailey plays the drums for the worship band.

When it comes to their music, Bailey and Meadows are both passionate in all that they do, and it’s reflected in the music they play.

“It’s just so much fun. Seeing everyone’s reactions to our music is awesome,” says Bailey. “The support…it’s so appreciated and so unexpected.”

To keep up with the boys, check our their Twitter pages (Meadows/Bailey) for upcoming performances and band-related news, including new material and release dates. 

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