Casey Neistat, a famous American YouTube vlogger based out of NYC, has a following close to 6 million subscribers and growing every minute. The early years of Neistat’s career includes The Neistat Brothers, a TV show on HBO, as well as his video he did on the battery life of the first generation iPod which gained a lot of media attention. Since then he has created many other popular videos and worked with several brands.

If you weren’t able to catch Neistat at the UNT Union, don’t worry. We were able to get in and note some of the most memorable answers to the questions he received. As it turns out, Neistat is not only humorous, but also quite philosophical.

His vlog started with humble beginnings, starting with a focus on tropical vacations and his family. He went on to talk about how he creates content and what to focus on when filming. Creating a story to go off of. His process is simple, “Coming to UNT is cool, circle it, bubble it.”

Neistat spoke on his day to day routine, and how he finds subjects to capitalize on for his vlog, then focus on that particular topic while filming. Eventually, his video turns into something that goes together and has meaning.

“Family is number one priority. I never had the family life as a kid like I wish I had.”

When talking about family, Neistat mentioned how he wants to be a family man while trying to keep his family out of the vlogs as much as possible. Considering that his main occupation is being a YouTube blogger, Neistat spoke on the difficulty of finding such a balance.

Neistat was also open about having regrets and his failures.”The only failures that I see in life are the things that I didn’t do,” Neistat said, “Those are the only things that really effect me in a negative way. Failure reminds you that you’re human.”

Casey was honest when asked about his iPod battery life review piece and where that came from. “Frustration. I was just mad!” Neistat said. “I was mad because I can’t afford a new iPod.”

Neistat described his studio, and how it affects his craft. “My studio is a very real physical version or manifestation of how I think in general.He said. With his content and constant pretense on social media, it’s clear that there is a method to Neistat’s madness. Interesting enough, it’s a craft that Neistat taught himself.

I never went to film school. Neistat said, mentioning that he doesn’t know the “correct” way to go about filming something. He says that he films what he thinks goes with his story for the day, drops a few time lapse clips and then edits the video. However, he still questions the title “artist.”

“Being an artist is like…I don’t think it is something you can self determine.”

In regards to his own content, Neistat has a very particular way of posting. “After I click upload I never watch it again,” Neistat said. However, he does pay extra attention to the vlogs that involve his son, Owen.

“The ones with my son Owen are always my favorite.” Neistat said. “I wish he was living in my basement, playing video games and eating cheetos.”

Neistat’s personality is contagious. After answering the questions that he was given you began to realize how human he actually is. Neistat gave great insight on how to follow your dreams, even if you lack the skill or knowledge to initially do so. It was an inspiring conversation to be apart of, and we hope to catch Neistat again in the future. You can catch Neistat’s work on his youtube channel, and his multiple social media platforms.




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