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Tired of spending your free time holed up in your dorm room? Are you desperately in need of friends at college? Have you looked through every single article on the Internet with instructions on how to make friends, but to no avail? Well, cry no more because your ultimate guide to making friends is here!

Don’t be fooled by all of the haters saying you can only be popular if you are in sports or have a boatload of money. That pile of cash and dinky trophies will not get you into parties—at least not the cool ones. High school is over, people.

Social Media

Start making friends by controlling the social media world. It is pertinent that you have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Pinterest, Tinder, YikYak, LinkedIn, Tumblr and most importantly…a MySpace.

You need to be connected and involved in everything and anything that your prospective friends are involved in. Consider using trendy words such as swag, yolo, bae, facepalm and ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (also known as the shruggie). As you like, share, comment, poke, retweet, revine and #hashtag the crap out of every post ever, it is guaranteed that people will begin to notice you.

Dorm Parties

Now that you have captured people’s attention, it’s time to stay relevant. What better way to get down with the crowd than throwing a dorm party? These too-cool-for-school get together events will have everyone on campus buzzing.

Get tons of exclusive party games such as Go Fish and Chess. Remember to have a variety of drinks such as apple juice and bitter lemonade. Avoid sparkling drinks or anything served in a bottle or can—juice boxes are the way to go. Add snacks like rainbow goldfish crackers or double-stuffed Oreos for maximum guest satisfaction.


The next step is putting a face to the name. You are definitely going to be the talk of the campus, so now you need to look the part. Attempt to include a little bit of everyone into your appearance. You want to seem like a well-rounded kind of person.

Consider wearing brightly colored and patterned shorts, no matter the temperature. Various band tees with unheard of groups are the way to go, so make sure you have never listened to a single song. Layer up with a trendy life jacket and baseball cap to let your friends know you can get down with the swim team while rubbing shoulders with the baseball crew. Lug around a tuba so you can fit in at all times with the band while wearing lens-free glasses. This way you appear hipster and smart.

Finally, complete your look with knee high socks and your favorite crocs! For dressier occasions, ensure to accessorize your crocs with as many Jibbitz shoe charms. With these trendy outfit styles in mind, no one will be able to forget just exactly who you are.


Keep in mind that having friends is a lot of work. You must dedicate your time to spending every waking moment with them. Go to their classes, talk to them during exams and just be there. Everywhere. They should be reminded of your loyalty and willingness to sacrifice all. You will be seen as a down-to-Earth person who puts the well being of their newfound friends first. If you constantly follow them around, draw attention to them and smother them with your larger-than-life personality, they are bound to find you insanely appealing.

With all teasing and kidding aside, the best way to meet people on campus is to be yourself and be involved. With a campus as lively as UNT, there is always something fun to do. You meet the greatest people when you are being yourself. No guide necessary.

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