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I guarantee everyone knows someone who when asked what the definition of feminism is, will tell you something along the lines of, “Feminism is that thing where women hate men right?” Even celebrities get it wrong. Take Shailene Woodley for example. She said in an interview that she isn’t a feminist because she “loves men.” That’s great. So do I. Most feminists do love men (gasp). Crazy right? In fact, we love men AND women! What a concept. Feminism is about equality for everyone as well as making people feel good about themselves. If feminism succeeds in breaking gender norms, it will benefit both men and women. That’s why men should be feminists. Don’t believe me? Here are some more reasons.

If roles were reversed, you would want to be treated equally too.

If you are a man, you are praised for having as many sexual partners as possible. If you are a woman, you are called a slut. If you are a woman, you are paid 75 cents to every dollar a man makes. In the workplace, women are not taken seriously simply because of their sexuality.

Gender stereotypes don’t just hurt women.

Men can experience sexism as well, it isn’t just against women. For example, physical appearance is a huge factor in gender stereotyping. If you aren’t big or strong, you aren’t a real man. But if you’re too slim, that isn’t okay either. You have to be competitive and tough. Real men don’t cry.

Men can be victims of abuse too.

Society tells us, “only women can be raped” and “women can’t beat up men”. It’s a common stereotype that only men are culprits when it comes to domestic and sexual abuse, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, only 9% of reported cases of sexual abuse are claimed by men. Why aren’t their voices being heard?”

What if you have a daughter one day? Because you wouldn’t be happy if a woman you loved got catcalled.

If you don’t objectify women, you’re a wimp, or just plain weird. Who doesn’t love looking at women’s breasts? But what if someone looked at your daughter, sister or mother that way? You wouldn’t want your daughter catcalled, so why is catcalling the neighbor girl any different? She’s somebody’s daughter as well.

Men should be feminists because when I bring up equality in the workplace, my male coworker laughs. Men should be feminists because I shouldn’t have to fight or argue the fact that my male coworkers and peers are all equal. Men should be feminists because we would get more respect as a group if men were followers too (isn’t that sad?).

The point of feminism is that all humans are equal whether they are female, male, straight, gay, queer, non-binary, disabled, black, white, Hispanic, etc. Feminism is not just a bunch of straight, white women without bras parading around yelling about how they hate men. There is no denying feminism’s horrible reputation. Feminism doesn’t just benefit women— it benefits literally everyone.

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