1. When you pull into the parking lot and it’s already full.


Here we go…

2. When a customer tells you the item was half off and you know it’s not.


Do I look like entertained?

3. When the manager says to just do the discount.


4. When a customer stands at an empty register expecting you to move.


The light isn’t on, sir. Also, it’s empty.

5. When you ask them if they need a bag and they say no, then proceed to get a bag.


Maybe they didn’t hear me, right? Right?

6. When you ask them how they’re doing and they don’t say anything.


Cool, I’ll just talk to myself.

7. When you see the coast is clear so you can go take a break, then a rush of people walk up to the register all at once.


Was this coup planned?

8. When they say “You look bored! Let’s put you to work!”


I’ve only heard that, like, fifty times today, thank you.

9. When they ask you to check the back for more of a specific item after you said the display was the only one left.


10. When you turn your register light off but they keep showing up.


Let me go home! I’ve been here nine hours!

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