As you all know, the Academy Award nominations came out last week. This is the time that Hollywood decides to embarrass themselves, annually. This year, that trend is repeated, with an extreme amount of snubs. To put it simply, I’m going to talk about what was overrated, and overlooked this year.

Hacksaw Ridge does not deserve to be nominated for best picture. The film was over hyped. From the dull dialogue, odd casting choices, and the uncomfortable accent. This film was boring, it did nothing new for the war genre. I feel sorry for the real hero the film was based upon. His story did not get the justice it deserved. You might ask, what could have gone in its place?

20th Century Women and Captain Fantastic. The two films that received no love in the slightest. Both driven by great writing, direction, and acting. Yet the academy only gave these films a total of two nominations. That is between both of them. Annette Bening not getting nominated, is a disgrace to acting. She gives the best performance from a female this entire year, in my opinion. I like to think, the Academy had Bob Weinstein blindfolded. Put two steaks in front of him with Annette Bening on one. Meryl Streep on the other. Well the rest is history from there.

A film no one seems to be talking about, Swiss Army Man. Without a doubt one the most original films in the last decade. Yet it seems the academy neglected to even give it a chance. Is it weird? Absolutely, so is Edward Scissorhands, Forrest Gump, and Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Those received plenty of attention, why not Swiss Army Man?

The films I listed all have an exterior that looks odd. Underneath they have a beautiful statement to make, about life, relationships, and social norms. You truly don’t understand, this film took me through an existential crisis of euphoria. Swiss Army Man is easily the most overlooked film of this year. Do yourself a favor, go see it. Rent it, buy it. You won’t regret it.

In the midst of all Arrival’s award glory. It seems that one person was left off the list. Amy Adams, gave the best performance of her career. That is saying a lot, considering her filmography. I get it, Meryl Streep is great. She really is the odd one out here. As much as I adore Natalie Portman, I would put my bias aside to acknowledge Amy Adams deserved a nomination. I fail to see how the Academy continues to mess up, especially in the female acting category.

Regardless of what I say or think. Nothing is going to change. The academy is based off of politics and money. Typically the person who wins never deserved that award. So why do we even watch this? I honestly don’t know. Maybe we like seeing rich people clap themselves off for three hours. It only causes me anger and the slow decline of lungs, from the continuous smoking caused by the stress, of this disgusting industry. I constantly question why I want to even go into this industry. It is simple for me to answer, I’m great at what I do.

Plus it helps my sanity to trash the industry every now and then.

I could of been a lot harder on them. However the verbiage would not be. appropriate in the slightest. Will I watch the awards this year? Absolutely not. Why watch something when you already know what is going to happen. Hollywood continues to uphold its predictability.

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