All big political figures have their positive and negative sides. Let us take a look back at the worst anti-hero of the human kind, Hitler, and let us imagine why in their right mind there was people who followed him blindly in his own madness.

We can only rely on a simple explanation; people like controversy if it means drastic change. With the 2016 elections, it makes you think about the future of this country, either it is an apocalyptic view of the future or a new improved America.

Noticing the controversial opinions toward the president-elect Donald Trump and his whole journey from political campaigning to the presidency, I can’t help but to find it awfully familiar. Being from Venezuela, where people are fighting against a president that has divided and torn apart their nation, I found concerning similarities between both Venezuela’s president and the US’s president-elect.


According to Trump protesters, Trump has been a candidate that has no regards in uniting America whatsoever. His comments of rage, racism, homophobia, anti-feminism, and discrimination has offended so many people, highlighting Latinos and Muslims. On a similar note, president Maduro has not missed the opportunity to make some kind of offensive and derogatory comment in each one of his speeches since he became the president, especially insulting people with higher  income or protesters who disagreed with his methods.

Both characters have not had any intention to filter themselves when talking to the people. The repercussions of their actions have made many citizens dislike them. These are some of the things both president have said that can be considered insulting the people:

Donald trump insulting latinos: “ I’m talking about people that are from all over that are killers and rapists and they’re coming into this country”. Stating that all Latin people are rapists and killers is a rash assumption, don’t you think?

President Roosevelt once said that “we are trying to construct a more inclusive society. We are going to make a country in which no one is left out.” How does that fit in with Trump’s most popular statement: “I will build a great wall and I will have Mexico pay for it, mark my words.”

Also, during a public speaking, Maduro asks one of his colleagues why was he so thin, and then joked around saying: “That’s Maduro’s diet, it gets you fit” making fun of the food shortage in Venezuela, where people are eating from the trashes of the streets.

In another speech in the recent protests he talked about the opposition to his rallies. “These rich, faggots, fascists who pretend to protest against me.”


Back in 2014, when Nicolas Maduro became president, the Venezuelan election was meaningfully close as well as Clinton and Trump’s elections. By that time, the opposition of Maduro’s presidency were extremely concerned because Maduro intended to follow former president Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship disguised as a democracy.

Not to mention the fact that Nicolas Maduro’s last job had been a bus driver, so he had no experience or studies required to be a politician, much certainly not a president. Effectively, the opposition was right. Since elected, Venezuela has fallen into a spiraling economic fall they may not coming back from. Prices are off the charts and food is almost a luxury, all because of the misuse of government funds thanks to Maduro’s inexperience.

Similarly, Donald Trump is the first president of the United State without a political background; which could be disastrous if something its handled poorly. Both Maduro and Trump have created division in their nations and have brought out the worst in people. Aggression, hatred, racism and discrimination are the worst traits of humanity, and they are being promoted by our own leader? Now that is something we should really think about.

Venezuela was one of the richest and happiest places on planet earth and now its conditions are deteriorated. With so many similarities between these governments, I am scared history may repeat itself; let’s just hope it doesn’t.

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