Some women wear makeup to cover and fix their imperfections. Others just see it as highlighting their favorite features, while some just put on some lipstick and mascara and call it a day. Regardless of your specific reasonings for covering your face with beauty products, the point is that almost every woman can relate to the process–even if it was just for one night out and your friends wanted to play “dress up” with your face.

As a quick disclaimer, we don’t believe makeup should define beauty by any means. Every woman should feel beautiful as she is and if she wants to put makeup on and is conscious of her natural beauty then there is nothing wrong with it.

However, on a different note, if you do use makeup on a regular basis you should know what would happen if you fall asleep without taking all of those layers of makeup off: Nothing good.

Makeup products have several chemicals that are not good for the skin. However, they do not affect us as much unless we are keeping it on 24 hours a day without washing it off. According to Shahnaz Kamran, a beautician featured in, keeping makeup on for prolonged periods of time without washing it off can be harmful to the skin. In their article, The Cost of Beauty, she said that the normal oil-based makeup prompts acne, allergies and blackheads, especially if applied to oily skin.”

Even if it has been just a few occasions that you have fallen asleep watching Netflix, or went partying and don’t even know how you got to your own bed (much less know how you would clean your face), it still does a lot of damage in just one night. Another problem is that most people believe that they can fully cleanse their face with just soap and water, but they are very wrong.

Foundation, concealers and powders clog your pores in a way that you can’t imagine. By cleaning your face at least twice a day you will let your skin breath, and if you definitely can’t live without makeup on the day, my advice is preparing your own night routine, because then you can take those 8 hours of sleep to refresh and liberate your face.

My recommendation is turning your cleansing routine into three single steps: removing, exfoliating and hydrating.

Step 1: Removing

There are many makeup removers and cleansers to pick from, but if you want a cheap and effective cleanser then these are the two that have consistently and completely taken every drop of product off of my face. Garnier SkinActive micellar cleansing water, which comes in a liquid bottle (you would have to buy some cotton pads) is the perfect solution.

When you pour a little bit of the cleanser on your pads and rub it on your face you will notice your pores immediately opening up. Make sure you don’t stop until the pads are no longer dirty after touching your face. It’s very important to clean everything up.

The other option, in case you don’t like liquid cleansers, is Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes. These pre-made pads remove even waterproof mascara, so if your makeup does not come off easily this are the ones for you. You can find both of them in CVS.

Step 2: Exfoliating 

Sometimes the dirt and oil won’t come out completely after you clean your face; that’s what exfoliating is for. If you are cursed with black heads and unexpected breakouts you need to exfoliate. Not only will it help to clear up your skin, but also it will leave you feeling refreshed. Clean & Clear Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub is a very effective exfoliator and as the name states, it has a “deep action” on clogged pores. Plus, your face feels soft after it.

Step 3: Hydrating

To finish up, use some moisturizing cream to keep your face hydrated. It will also help you to be more relax and fall asleep more comfortably. The one I use is Neutrogena Oil-free Acne Moisturizer which does an amazing job making your skin as fresh and clean as possible.

If you want to use other products and create your own cleansing routine you are welcome to do so!

The important thing is that we always take care of our natural beauty. As much as we love our contours and matte lipstick, we need to remember to do these simple steps at night so we can begin to love our bare skin more.

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