This season of American Horror Story has been a whirlwind. The audience has experienced shows within shows and graphic deaths each week–cringing and crying as characters seemed to drop like flies.

Props to Ryan Murphy–he managed to keep the show format organized even if it was weird to see two actors tackle the ‘same character’ during the first six episodes. Though this definitely wasn’t the best season of AHS, it was a step up from last year’s Hotel where, although it prompted Lady Gaga’s Golden Globe win, the ending hit a disappointing twist.

Still, it seems that the show has seen better days with Murder House and Asylum when the series’ concept was still fresh. With each passing year, it feels like Murphy is struggling to find that next wow factor–the next idea that will bring viewers in and remind them what makes American Horror Story so alluring in the first place.

But Roanoke is a step in the right direction.

That being said, here are some of the best tweets from the finale:

When the only surviving character keeps dodging her sentences for murder. Like, what?

You have to love Evan P. but this is American Horror Story. The chances of survival are minimal at best.

I half expected the little girl to go totally psycho. Nah. She just sacrificed her mom to a ghost.


I missed Lana Winters, so when that Polk guy knocked her to the ground, my jaw legit dropped. Don’t hurt her, Ryan Murphy!

You think they would have learned by now to stay away if dozens of people were recently murdered.

My thoughts exactly.

When the ending was lackluster compared to its previous episode, but fitting for the overall anthology of the season.

Now, we wait for season 7.

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