Her body, her choice.

I have never had to choose between keeping a baby or having an abortion. I have, however, had friends and family who have had to make that choice at one point. I have seen the struggle, the havoc a heavy decision such as abortion can wreak on the mother. I have seen the guilt, the relief, and sometimes the big what-if on their faces afterwards.

It’s not a simple decision. But what still manages to baffle me is that older white men are the ones deciding what a woman can or can’t do with her body.

The fact that Oklahoma’s HB 1441 has cleared the House Public Health Committee 5-2 and it a bill that will require women to get a written note of consent from a man in order to have an abortion isn’t just extremely offensive, it degrades women and minimizes their worth to merely “hosts” as bill author Justin Humphrey said.

The justification Humphrey initially provided in an interview with The Intercept somewhat makes sense–the bill’s intent is to bring fathers back into their role, provide them with responsibility, and give them more involvement in a pregnancy.

But what he fails to understand are all of the factors that go into making the decision to have an abortion in the first place: financial status, relationship status, and physical and mental health status.

There’s also the fact that contraceptives don’t work 100 percent of the time, regardless of how careful and punctual a person is.

But the worst offender of all is the stigmatization that abortion is black and white. It’s not. There is whole spectrum of emotion. Women aren’t going willy-nilly on terminating pregnancies. This decision isn’t like going to a grocery store and attempting to decide between beef or chicken.

Reality is, some women just don’t feel capable enough to carry or care for a child, because once you do have a child, life stops being about you and starts being about that new person.

Sometimes it’s just not possible. All women should have the right to decide what they can or can’t do with their bodies, and ultimately, all women deserve the right to safe reproductive health care services. 

It’s their choice, and I’m all for that.

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