The North Texas Television station was nominated for seven Lone Star Emmys’ during the Fall 2016 semester. Phyllis Solcum, a principal lecturer at UNT and a station manager at NTTV, said that last year NTTV was nominated for five Emmys’ and hopes to see an even bigger increase in nominations by next year. NTTV has been around since 1980 and has received 29 production awards since its start, Solcum said.

The seven Emmy nominations for 2016 were: NTTV’s Nightly News at 6 p.m., Kelli Cox Cold Case Update, North Texas Now, PSA: Internet Safety, Beth Marie’s’ Old Fashion Soda Fountain Commercial and a talent reel from Blake Holland and Sophia Constantine.

“To have professionals, not just academics, but professionals in the industry say your students have done such a good job, is a particularly wonderful compliment to them,” Solcum said.

NTTV, a student run organization, started in 1980 as a club. There was a magazine show that was attached to a class and one weekly newscast when it first started. Now NTTV has gained a total of 14 entertainment programs and a large student following, Solcum said. NTTV is not restricted by major and any student could join.

Solcum joined UNT in 2002 and is the only faculty member inside of NTTV. It has a total of 10 student department managers who all assisted in the programs that are broadcasted at NTTV, she said.

“It’s a strong organization that teaches commitment, responsibility, respect, and I think in a way compassion,” she said. “Knowing that you have to look out for other people and support them as part of your teammates.”

Solcum said her favorite part of being the station manager at NTTV is seeing her students grow, learn and gain confidence in themselves.

“I love it. It is the reason I come to work every day,” she said. “They are truly fun, they teach me stuff every single day and hopefully I teach them some things as well.”

She described NTTV as a team effort and noted that students who gain the most from NTTV are the ones who put in the most time and commitment towards it.

“It’s a lot of work, but honestly its really rewarding getting to work with all of the people we do,” Teresa Diaz-Rojo, Entertainment Director at NTTV said.

“I wanted to be on NTTV so I can learn as much as possible, because most of the stuff we learn is from each other,” she said. “It’s all students learning from students.”

Shelbie Sumter, lead editor and host of North Texas Now, said she felt great playing a role in a series that had an amazing legacy. This isn’t the first time the series had been nominated and she felt that the project would positively impact her.

“I definitely think it will give me confidence in the work that I’m doing and team that I’m apart of is helping me for the future,” Sumter said.

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