Tonight’s final debate captivated millions of Americans in hopes the candidates would give a final consensus about big issues in their platforms. While many Americans cowered in fear of what the debate would bring, others rallied behind their candidate choice, and many others grumbled about the lack of good candidates on the 2016 ballot. Despite where anyone was on the scale, there was one clear thing: Trump’s demeanor was nowhere near what is expected from a presidential candidate.

Trump showed viewers his short temper by not allowing Secretary Clinton to give a full response without  interrupting, and refused to admit where he had been wrong. Both candidates provided answers to questions, but did he really answer any of the questions? He danced around the questions, and often changed the subject.

Trump’s qualification to be, arguably, the most powerful man in the world has consistently plummeted since he became the official candidate. His responses played off the classic elementary game of, “he said, she said” instead of providing any direct, adequate answers for the general public. Trump continued pushing for the magical wall that will keep out drugs and immigrants, but provided no answers about what he would do about drug problems that exist in the United States without the assistance of other countries; he utilized the struggle of the LGTBQ community, in order to degrade the Muslim population; Trump selected to bring up the intentions of the founding fathers without mentioning that America has come a long way since the founding fathers established the country. He is a man determined to, “Make America Great Again,” but will not specify when he thought America was so great.

He bashed Clinton’s college plan, but did not provide one of his own.

Both candidates referenced past presidents, and Secretary Clinton indicated that her economic plan would mimic Ronald Reagan’s trickle down economics to expand the wealth of the middle class. She provided a comprehensive college tuition plan for families who make less than $125,000 a year – similar to what Stanford has announced they would be doing with their students. She promised a plan for immigrants within the first one hundred days of her presidency, if she wins; however, she did not comment on the drug problem currently affecting the lives of millions of Americans. She plans to continuously move America forward, but the population can only see that if she is elected.

Clinton has consistently been favored by post-debate polls; however, those cannot always determine the result of the upcoming election. Voting on November 8, 2016 is only twenty days away, and Trump insinuated tonight that he would challenge his possible loss. Only time will tell until America is granted a new leader.

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