The iPhone 7 is coming. Friday, Sept. 16 the floodgates will open and loyal Apple consumers will rush to the nearest store with the holy grail of all phones, the iPhone 7, in stock. And then the complaints will roll in, the hype will die down and peace will be restored to the universe.

Does this scenario sound familiar? That’s because every time Apple releases a new iPhone, this is what happens. We may be exaggerating slightly, but in principle it’s true. However, the release of the iPhone 7 has created a hype that has surpassed that of previous phone releases. As we get closer to the phones’ release date, more and more details have been fed to us and consumers are on the edge of their seats, counting down the minutes until they can get their hands on the newest toy.

Nearly all of the “improvements” Apple has made to create this new phone are useless and some are incredibly inconvenient. Perhaps the most talked about aspect of the update is that there is no headphone jack. Remember when Apple changed the type of charger the iPhone used and mass chaos ensued? Yeah, that is basically  just like thisexcept having a headphone jack is infinitely more important. Apple is forcibly pushing their new wireless earbuds (which come with the phone) onto consumers, but the company has already received backlash for this decision.


Apple profited big time when they switched charger types mainly because mass amounts of people had to go out and buy new chargers and adapters, but this time they are pushing it. Not only is it expensive to replace the wireless “AirPods”, but happen to be inconvenient and incompatible with other devices.



In response to customers being unhappy about the lack of a headphone jack, Apple released a cord that connects normal headphones to the phone, but of course you have to go buy it.

The new smartphone also won’t have a physical home button. Instead it will be a touch sensitive, virtual “button” with tons of room for error. This is a debated move. Some think that the new feature will be more responsive and user friendly and others side with the OG home button. We side with a normal, press-down-with-your-finger home button. A virtual button can have some serious downsides including accidental touching and deciding it does not want to respond. Besides, there is just something satisfying and familiar with pressing a button and having your piece of technology turn on.

To be fair, Apple did make some positive design decisions and will introduce options for more gigabytes. The new iPhone will offer 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB options. Why anyone would ever need 256GB of storage on their phone, we don’t know—but the option is there. The camera will also be improved, as it is with every update of the iPhone. The phone is also said to be water and dust resistant, but only time will tell whether that feature lives up to it’s promise.

If you really need a million gigabytes of data and are down with wireless headphones, the iPhone 7 is probably right for you. If you are like the rest of us, however, it is probably best to spend $649+ elsewhere. Wait until Apple learns from their mistakes and they bring back the headphone jack and home button in the iPhone 8.

via Investor’s Business Daily

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