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A few nights ago LCF and Kering had their third talk about sustainability and hosted luxury designer Stella McCartney. Many of you may know her as Paul McCartney’s daughter and many of you may know her for her incredible work in the industry. But McCartney is also a leader in the fight for sustainability in the fashion industry.

On the night of the talk 400 people including scientists, journalists and fashion elites sat to hear the news on sustainability. McCartney started off by stating she was ridiculed by the fashion industry because she wanted to create a line without leather and real fur. “I was told that I wouldn’t have a business by people I worked with,” she stated at the talk.

“Fashion is getting away with murder – it needs to be answerable and more questions need to be asked,” she stated. “The Fashion Industry needs to be held more accountable for their environmental and social impact.” viscose for over two years and before we knew the impact – we didn’t know it had such a huge impact on deforestation,” she said. “120 million trees are cut down a year for it and so as soon as we knew that we didn’t want to be a part of it.”

She went onto to talk about her brand and saying that she was taught to be conscious about the environment at a young age and was not going to hinder those values for her career. She stated that she used viscose for two years and “didn’t know it had such a huge impact on deforestation. 120 million trees are cut down a a year for it and so as soon as we knew that we didn’t want to be a part of it.” She now uses her materials from a sustainably managed and certified forest in Sweden.

She went onto explain that her womenswear line is 53% sustainable and her menswear line is 45%. Although, her collections are not 100% sustainable she is making huge leaps in eco-friendly fashion. Even her line for Adidas is 38% sustainable.

McCartney finished by saying how the consumers and the industry can help fashion become more eco-friendly. “The biggest sustainable thing we do is not use leather. Over a billion animals a year are killed just for their leather and 50 million for their fur.” She went onto say, “Look at the ingredients, there need to be more systems set in place, more people need to go through a more vigorous kind of testing, and as a customer, you can do that. You can challenge the people that are making fashion.”

Although, McCartney is not 100% sustainable and vegetarian she has created the first vegetarian and sustainable conscious brand and is continuing to inspire other designers to do the same. Even though leather is cheaper than vegetable coated leather the cost will be worth it when the earth is still safe for people years to come.

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