Surely you’ve been keeping up with the debate, and I’m not referring to Trump versus Hillary. Controversy surrounds the starting quarterback position for the Dallas Cowboys as they enter week ten of the regular season. Rookie quarterback, Dak Prescott, has taken the NFL by storm leading the Cowboys to a confident 7-1 start. While Tony Romo’s return has been postponed until week ten, the question remains, who should be the starting quarterback heading into the back half of the regular season?

Going back ten years, Tony Romo faced an ironically similar situation. Romo was the backup quarterback and essentially unknown to fans, when suddenly he was pushed into the starting position in place of a struggling Drew Bledsoe. The rest was history. Romo led Dallas to the playoffs four times during his decade of dominance. However, his potential was hindered due to a plague of injuries—most recently being the injury that has kept him out of the first nine weeks of the regular season.

Romo’s return was scheduled for week nine, however with a seemingly easy game ahead against the Cleveland Browns who still have yet to win a game, Jerry Jones stated that Romo was “not ready to play” and moved Romo’s possible return to week 10.

Some argue that Romo’s best years are behind him, but in 2014 he recorded his best QBR of 113. Romo’s stats continued to grow even as he entered his mid 30s, and age seemed to be a non-factor. Romo’s sole weakness is his reoccurring injuries. He has continued to aggravate his collarbone and back injuries, and in turn the Cowboys postseason hopes continuously slip away.

Romo’s most recent injury, which took place in week three of the preseason, sent rookie quarterback Dak Prescott unexpectedly into the starting position. Since then, Prescott has led Dallas to a 7-1 record, with their first and only loss coming in week one. Prescott is just the third rookie quarterback since 1970 to win at least seven straight starts, according to ESPN.

Not only is he bringing great success to the Cowboys organization, he is also compiling a growing number of records. Most recently he broke Cowboys legend, Troy Aikman’s record for most touchdowns thrown by a rookie and shows no signs of slowing down.

Tony Romo led the Cowboys when they needed him most. Over his ten-year tenure as a starter with Dallas he truly was the heart and soul of the Cowboys team. However, Prescott has proven time and again that he has what it takes to win. In just his rookie year he is breaking records that a hall of fame quarterback had set. No we aren’t jumping to conclusions and comparing Prescott to Aikman, but Dallas has something special in their new quarterback and it would be foolish to bench him.

Prescott has shown the league that even with a depleted defense and a hobbled star receiver, he has what it takes to lead this Cowboys team deep into the playoffs. So if you’re a Cowboys fan its time to get that number four jersey because Prescott is here to stay.

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