CARACAS, VENEZUELA – It was 3 am. Police were headed to Caribia city 21 miles away from the capital, Caracas to kick in doors instead of knocking, evicting citizens from their homes, and violating hundreds of human rights acting on President’s Nicolas Maduro’s new policy called Operation of People’s Liberation.

The Operation of People’s Liberation (OPL) is dedicated to ending the worst of problems in Venezuela–crime and violence, or so the president says, since there is no official document or record of their mission whatsoever. They intend to defeat the country’s violence situation with more violence and even murder.

The police force under Maduro’s orders has filled the streets of poor neighborhood inflicting the law on those who they believed deserve it should be eliminated from the system without any legality.

By 11 am, approximately 200 people were killed by the hands of Venezuela’s own force and “justice.”
A witness from the neighborhood El Valle said he heard the boots of the soldiers around his house around 2 am and told his family to be extremely quiet.

“They go around with hoods, they take the area as if there was a war, with helicopters, drones; it’s terrible thing. People start running, everyone shutting themselves in their houses, and then they start to knock doors.” said the witness.

They did not knock his door that time, but three days later they entered his home without knocking and killed his only son who police officers said was guilty.
There has been millions of stories like his, but people are so afraid of talking that their stories get buried under with the rest of the countless of victims.

The government has made sure of shutting down all attempts of press releases or articles related to this programs within the country. The ones that are still out there are reports stating the wonders Maduro’s program is doing for Venezuelan people.

According to BBC, 78% of victims are under 25-years-old and also 99% are men, which is their target list; any man that looks young and troubled.

Roberto Briceno Leon, the president of the Observatorio Venezolano de Violencia (Venezuelan Violence Observatory), claimed this acts were only giving the wrong message to the people in those neighborhoods.

“Any security policy must be aimed to bring peace to a society, not at making it more violent,” Briceno said. “It is not possible to teach a society that killing is bad by killing people.”

With death rates increasing everyday this program is only accelerating and predicting more killings and more chaos over the nation.

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