Every kid dreams of becoming an actress, a model, or a professional athlete, but in Verizon’s new Verizon Spot Ad LeBron James, Adriana Lima, Drew Brees said the world doesn’t need any more athletes or supermodels.

The Verizon campaign discourages kids from becoming stars and wants them to pursue a career in science or tech professions. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight Verizon’s movements in the Innovative Learning initiative, which funds STEM education program through schools in America.

The campaign began when Verizon asked underprivileged schools about their dreams in life. Many said they wanted to be celebrities.

“The more we spoke with them, the more we understood that they think those are the only jobs that get the best part of the [current] economic situation,” said chief marketing officer Diego Scotti. “How great would it be to ask these friends of ours to debunk the idea that you need to be a celebrity to succeed in life?”

The video starts with kids saying what they want to be when they grow up—an actor or professional athlete—and then cuts to Adriana Lima saying, “We don’t need more Adriana’s” and LeBron saying, “We don’t need more LeBron.” Verizon says we don’t need more scientists.

Although Verizon gives free technology and hands-on-learning for STEM programs in underprivileged schools, the campaign is still implying that kids should not dream to become actors or models but should dream to be something that the world “needs” and using childhood heroes to do this might make it even more sad.

The campaign will progress using actress and singer Zendaya and NASCAR driver Joey Logano to tell kids to dream about something else.

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