Kim Kardashian was robbed of $11 million in jewelry at gun point by five masked men on Monday morning in a Paris hotel bathroom.

There were five unidentified suspects dressed themselves as police officers and entered the Paris hotel at 3 a.m., forcing the hotel concierge at gunpoint to lead them to Kim’s room. The five men locked the reality star in the bathroom as they made out with $11 million in jewelry.

The armed men tied and gagged the concierge, leaving him in a cupboard under the stairs said officials.

After they forced entry into the hotel room, they pointed the gun at Kim’s head as they tied her up and locked her in the bathroom. The reality star pleaded for her life and said that she had two children back at home.

The five masked men stole a jewelry box worth $6.7 million and a ring priced at $4.5 million said Police officials. The reality star lost both of her cell phones along with her jewelry which contains numerous information.

An investigation has begun and the Kardashian family has been put under police protection. Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian rushed back to the hotel to comfort their sister after hearing about the robbery.

Kim left on a private jet Monday morning to head back to the United States along with her bodyguard and her assistant.

“The reality star is pleased to be going home and that she has given a full statement to police officials,” said a source.

The mayor of Paris has also expressed her thoughts on the assault. She is conducting an investigation to arrest the five suspects.

“Kim will always be welcome in Paris,” said Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris. “I am fully confident that police forces will quickly identify and arrest those suspected of the robbery.”

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