Famous Dallas/Ft. Worth radio station Hot 93.3 Hits, brought the halloween mood to a whole other level on Halloween. At 7am today, lifting up their audience’s spirits, Scotty and Brett, doing the Mega Morning shift, decided to play, Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Our eager hosts felt uncertain about this day, since being a weekday the festivity seemed to be low. Being a monday, it felt like it was bound to be a regular working day for everybody. So, they decided to keep playing Thrill until they were in a more spooky mood of Halloween-and it worked. Followers of the station, filled twitter with comments about their mornings being less boring thanks to the the constant repetition of the number one hit song.


Sadly, not everyone thought this was the greatest idea. Dan Bennett, Regional Vice President of the station, called a few minutes later to let their employers know how upset he was about the repetition of the hit. Even though the pair try to explain that people actually, were calling to ask for more of the jam, their boss didn’t seem to care about the popular opinion. “We are a marketing radio station, cut the bullshit,” said Dan, following by a request to see them in his office in ten minutes.

Twitter fans freaked out knowing there was a slight possibility of their favorite hosts getting fired and a lot of them started to email Bennett in defense of Scotty and Brett. Here is a few of the emails he received:


Seems like the definition of radio can most definitely change, even though that means reapeting the same song over and over if the public asks for it. Scotty and Brett, confesed that Dan was a really “good guy” and that they felt what they did with thriller was succesful, and according to a great percentage of the public, they were. Lucky for us they remained employed with the condition that they don’t do it ever again. For an almost getting fired Halloween, they really gained listeners love and support.

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