It seems like us Internet aficionados just can’t avoid creating crazy online challenges. Drop a bucket of ice on our heads? Check. Eat a spoon full of cinnamon? Check. Create Kylie Jenner lips? Check. From the Harlem Shake and the Running Man to the Glo Up challenge, we seem to be a generation that loves being interactive online. And this new challenge is no different.

The mannequin challenge is the new viral video meme that is breaking the social media spectrum. The challenge entails groups of people getting together and freezing in elaborate positions as one person walks around zooming in on the various scenarios.

The videos seem to primarily be set to the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd who did their own version of the mannequin challenge at one of their concerts. This new obsession, unlike many of the past, is harmless and just plain fun.

As usual, millennials are the leading group of this challenge but they haven’t been the only ones picking up the freeze contest. Teachers, adults, celebrities and even sports teams are holding still and getting in on the new trend.

The idea for the video challenge originated in Jacksonville, Florida when a group of students from the Edward H. White High School decided to pose as still as statues for a video. Since then the idea of the challenge has really blown up, especially during the past couple of weeks.

This innocent and creative challenge could be another way to distract and relax the people of the web from the upcoming election, but either way it’s entertaining. Harmlessly engaging, you can find insanely creative videos of the challenge online where people take the task of freezing to the extreme.

If you’re thinking of doing your own rendition of the challenge, the best way to get Internet famous is to be as creative as possible. Grab a group of friends, go somewhere different and make some fun poses that will catch people’s attention. The more different and creative you are, the better. If you’re not interested in making a freeze video yourself, then watch some of the trending challenges online and share a little social media love to your favorites.

Here are some of ours!

Let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments below!

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