According to multiple reports, the gaming company Naughty Dog has announced that a sequel to the hit video game, The Last of Us, is currently under wraps. The sequel was announced at this year’s Playstation Experience Conference, also known as PSX.

Fans of the first game are wondering exactly what we should be expecting with the Last of Us sequel. Higher graphics and smoother game play mechanics are going to be obvious updates. However, with the mind-boggling cliffhanger of the first game, the story had left us wondering for years.

The sequel takes place five years after the original game. This may not seem like a whole lot of time, but from the trailer alone it is clear to see that Ellie has gone through some drastic changes. 19-years-old and mad at the world, Ellie is seen in the trailer stroking a guitar and sporting a tattoo sleeve.

We all have questions that we hope to have answered by the end of the second game. For instance, does Ellie ever learn how to swim? Where and how did she get her tattoo? Where is Joel in all this? And most importantly, does Ellie ever find out the truth?

Since the ending of the first game, there has been a lot of speculation on whether Ellie could see through Joel’s brazen lie. Some say the smirk at the end was Ellie’s recognition of the lie, while others speculate that Ellie’s smirk showed her nativity and belief in Joel’s character.

According to a report done by, fans were worried that a sequel would ruin the integrity of the original ambiguous ending.

“You have to understand that no one loves these characters more than we do,” Neil Druckmann, the creative director of the game stated. “And we would not do this if we didn’t feel like we didn’t have the right idea.”

Despite fans concerns, we can only hope the creative genius behind the first game will give us something equally as heart-wrenching and breath-taking for the sequel.

Druckmann has yet to address what the plot of the sequel will be about. However, a trailer of the game has been released showing a short scene of Joel and Ellie. The last words spoken by Ellie were, “…I am going to kill every last one of them” and man, did she sound angry!

According to an article by, during the panel discussion, Druckmann stated that the theme of the sequel is ‘hate.’ Well, it’s not hard to believe after seeing the trailer. Hatred is an accurate description of just how upset Ellie sounded when reciting her vengeful monologue.

As to exactly who they are or what exactly they did to piss off Ellie, well, we have no earthly clue. The trailer raised a lot more questions than it did answers. Fans of the series have noted that unlike other game trailers, the newest trailer did not end with any information of an upcoming release date.

As of now, there has been no news on a official release date for the highly anticipated sequel. Druckmann noted that it was in “very early development” when speaking about the game at the conference. This means that it may be quite awhile before any new information is released about the game.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped fans from meticulously picking apart any bit of information to figure out what the game could entail. Despite having little to no clue as to what the exact plot of the second game will be, we are all ecstatic for the sequel. We don’t know what we should be expecting yet, but we hope it is going to be just as phenomenal as the first.

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