Horror fans and long time followers of the series alike are gushing over Capcom’s newest Resident Evil title, Resident Evil VII. The long awaited sequel to the series had big shoes to fill, and after the lack of success from the sixth installment in the series the bar was quite high.

And oh how Capcom rose to the occasion. You play as Ethan, a concerned husband with no real background chasing after your wife Mia. This little journey takes you to the home of the Baker’s, whose home is on a swamp. Of course. Complications become apparent and trouble ensues as you chase your crazy wife through this nightmare house of a home.

The game plays more to the original themes in the series such as scavenging for items, having to conserve ammo, and being afraid of the monsters you are forced to fight. Not to mention stabbing boxes. Fun fun.

The game is played in first person, a new feature to the series, however it is done well and adds another layer of unpredictability and required skill to the gameplay. Between running from a deranged family, to solving classic resident evil puzzles, to trying to figure out why these people keep breaking their own limbs off, there is plenty to love about the game.

Despite the “moist” nature of the game, there are some concerns within the mechanics. At times the puzzles seem over simplified, and the more complicated ones tend to have the player running back and forth through large and repetitive areas. This also doesn’t pair well with certain areas of the game where enemies are invincible and constantly chasing you down.

However, these are easily looked passed with the amount of satisfying moments of triumph, twisting plot line and unsightly encounters that fills the rest of the game.

All and all, Capcom took a series that was headed down a dry path and brought it back from the dead while fulfilling every fan-boy’s dreams with the plot. And then some! With new DLC right around the corner and plans to continue the series, all eyes are turned on Capcom to see what other hellish creatures and crazed locals are soon to come.

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