Last Saturday, Brand New, The Front Bottoms, and Modern Baseball played in Corpus Christi, Texas as one of their last ten shows of their tour. The outdoor venue supplied an unexpected atmosphere. Unlike outdoor shows in Dallas, the sound and lights were incredible; however, people were reluctant to start a mosh pit. The crowd seemed to enjoy the music, but did not match the energy provided by the artists. Perhaps the concrete beneath our feet detoured people from wanting to fall on the ground, or perhaps people in Corpus Christi just don’t want to mosh the way people in Dallas do.

Venturing out to a different scene always brings surprises and it was common to overhear someone say, “I traveled here from _______ just to see this show!” Despite the lack of locals the venue filled up quickly.

Modern Baseball kicked the show off with their newest album title track “Holy Ghost”. The crowd continued to grow as the set went on, but they did not match the energy put off by the band. In the crowd people were rocking their heads and asking whom the band was while my friends and I jumped around to hype people up as much as possible. By the end of their set some people were jumping along with us, but most people were content with rocking their heads.

The Front Bottoms were the sophomore band to perform. For their set they made the stage look like a living room – it’s hard to tell if they’re missing home or missing playing house shows. They played a slower song from their most recent album before diving into older fast-paced songs. This set created a more excited crowd. People banded together to shout out lyrics while sharing beers and cigarettes. The atmosphere of the show completely changed to a togetherness instead of the slightly awkward atmosphere the existed before.

Finally, Brand New took the stage to play their entire “The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me” album along with some new stuff. The two-hour set took the crowed through a slew of emotions. A vast majority of the crowd began to scream out the lyrics to every song while laughing and crying. A few murmurs about middle school memories were exchanged in between songs. The feeling of unity that was sparked during the Front Bottoms’ set became even more apparent as Brand New continued on.

The band played until almost midnight and ended the night with highly emotional thank you’s for the crowd. They mentioned the elusive ending in 2018, but only time will tell.

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