Small but noble Guerrilla Games studio released their new triple A title Horizon Zero Dawn. The PlayStation exclusive drops players into a new open world experience rich with lore and mystery. And giant mech-dinosaurs, did we mention that? You play as Aloy, a female hunter/warrior armed with your tech upgraded bow and an arsenal of elemental infused arrows. You start the game off in the action, playing the memories of our valiant hero as a small child. Once the present resumes, you start on your way, hunting down giant beasts, traveling to far away tribes of other humans and diving into a story quest line filled with twists and turns.

While the main story-line is fantastic, this does draw a large parallel to the side quests in the game. Though plentiful, they tend to become tedious and very “fetch and return” as the game progresses. Despite this, they are filled with bits of lore and small tidbits from developed characters. Some of the side quests also have their own small story lines, giving room for even more speculation within the lore of this new world. One of the most interesting parts of the quest line, is the fact that within the story, the player is faced with real world examples of current political issues, and while you can’t just build a wall to keep all of the issues from coming in, you can make decisions that impact the world around you as you play. #MakeDawnGreatAgain

But what truly makes the game difficult to put down is the combat. Guerrilla has moved away from the hand holding and quick time events and allows the player to make their own mistakes and learn from them to defeat the vast number of creatures found in the world. And oh how there are creatures! Guerrilla not only made the combat intuitive yet difficult, but filled the open world with 26 distinct species of mecha dinos and critters to blast away at with your bow. Within these 26 species, some of them travel in packs and some even are accompanied by other species that have a mutual relationship. If you’re not careful, you may find yourself in a herd of things you might not want to be in a herd of. Namesay, mechanically enhanced tigers. Dang.

From loving and heroic protagonists, to fun and challenging combat, to laser cannon tigers, Horizon Zero Dawn has something for every cyber equipped cave-woman. Sony commented that they plan to continue the series in the future, alluding to possible DLC or sequel titles. So if you’ve got a PlayStation and a passion for hunting futuristic instinct beasts, then grab your bow, because this is one title you won’t want to miss.

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