There are no words to describe the horror fans from the Walking Dead experienced watching the premiere episode of season 7 on this Sunday, 23rd. Heartbreaking and bloody first episode brought millions of viewers to pass the tissues during the whole episode.

Twitter exploded with rage during this last Sunday and devoted fans threaten to quit the show for good. Many described the episode as “too much,” and claimed the producers went too far with the graphical images of the deaths of two of the most beloved characters. What does this mean for the one of the most popular shows of the moment? Is AMC concerned they will lose viewership? Not likely.

Our brand-new villain, Negan, is playing not only one of the most controversial parts the show has ever had, but also is someone who’s going to be necessary for this season develop and give a new and dark turn to the whole show. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, knows that his character will surely be the most hated character of the show. I’ve always been the kind of guy that people like on the shows,” Morgan said in an interview with AMC while describing his role as Negan. “This is the first time I’ve done something where I know people are just going to despise me,” he concludes.

For hurt and traumatized fans, this hatred shall pass as well. People watch for entertainment and drama you may not always find in real life. If you’ve been following the show since the beginning, you have gotten a taste of what the show’s violence and deaths look like. Somehow, the deaths of beloved characters like Hershel, Laurie, and Beth has shaped the remaining cast of the show. The deaths of Glenn and Abraham will bring a whole new perspective on our characters’ personalities and decisions in this seasons. Sadly, the perfect way to begin this new journey into Negan’s world.

Even if fans feel disappointed now, they won’t be for long. Curiosity is humanity’s worst enemy and everyone is curious for what’s to come for our favorite characters. Even actors Michael Cudlitz (who portrayed Abraham) and Steven Yeun (who portrayed Glenn) look back and feel content with the work they’ve done and what lies ahead of them. “I think I’m more excited for what is next for Steven than I am for myself”, confesses Cudlitz in a live Q&A for Variety, “to see where Steven is creatively and to see what he is about to jump into, its phenomenal.” The character of Abraham is rumored to be seen again on “The fear of the walking dead” so let’s not lose hope just yet.

Soon enough, angry fans will move passed this and fall back on track with what will be the most exciting season of The Walking Dead yet. Predictions are that Negan will become the most loved/hated antihero of the show so stay tuned.

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