Alessia Cara is “here,” Live

Alessia Cara, like most artists, is very gracious and humble with her fans. However, Cara has a way of naturally getting those feelings across.

Her music is easily relatable, but not just for a younger crowd. With a growing discography and fan base, Cara’s approach to music is brutally honest and bare. Her music is produced with enough familiar tones to be catchy, but has unique elements that come from her charisma alone. “Pop Star,” is a title Cara is going to receive, even if her music deviates from what’s “popular.”

With her smash hit “Here,” Cara has a very firm grip on the perspective she brings to the table. That perspective is shared with many in her generation, the evolving young adult that find happiness in their own ambition, rather than a rager. With other singles like “Wild things,” and “Scars to your beautiful,” climbing the charts as well, Cara has already found her footing as an artist. But, it’s her lyrics that are giving clear glimpses into the world of today’s young dreamer.

Alessia Cara’s tour is still rolling on, and her debut album “Know-It-All,” is available now. Check out her music video for “Here,” below, and take a look at her performance in Grand Prairie, Texas in the gallery above.

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