Iowa representative Steve King introduced House Resolution 610, a piece of legislation that distributes federal funds for K-12 education in the form of vouchers for eligible students, on Jan. 23, 2017.

There are two main components of the bill:

The Choices in Education Act of 2017

The proposed bill poses a threat to the public education system because it repeals the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which under Lyndon B. Johnson, set out to provide equal opportunity in education.

It also limits the authority of the Department of Education by limiting secretarial authority to only evaluate state applications and make payments.

This means that if states aren’t compliant with the education voucher program, they can be denied federal funding for education. A concerning issue here is that, in theory, the school district a child attends will have fewer funds—funds that instead go to other schools, private institutions, or even to home-school parents. It means less money for the public school your child attends.

No Hungry Kids Act

This section of the proposed bill intends to repeal the specialized rule that established nutrition standards for school lunch and breakfast programs.

In a nutshell, there will no longer be an official specified requirement for nutrition in a student’s school breakfast or lunch. This is aimed to cut costs of food overall, since higher quality fruits and vegetables tend cost more.

As of last week, H.R. 610 has been shelved by the House Committee, according to a representative of, however it is still eligible to be reintroduced in 2018.

Community members are encouraged to state their stance over this proposed piece of legislation by contacting their local government officials.

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