The live action rendition of Beauty and the Beast has been banned in theatres across the world because of the gay character LeFou. The Disney movie featuring Emma Watson has been banned in theaters in Alabama, Kuwait, Malaysia and others.

Russian officials tried to ban the movie from theaters because of the country’s anti-“gay propaganda” law. Instead of banning the movie, it will now have a 16+ rating.

The Malaysia Censor Board asked Disney to remove the gay reference from the movie, but Disney decided to remove the movie from Malaysian theaters.

Kuwait theaters are showing a new cut of the movie, removing the gay moment, which features LeFou dancing with another man at the end of the movie.

The Henagar Drive-In in Alabama posted on Facebook the reason for banning the movie. “We will not compromise what the Bible teaches.” The owners censored the movie before seeing it. Disney did not respond when asked if they would have even shown the film in the rural town.

“I have family members that are homosexuals. I have a relationship with them. I love them. It does not mean I’m a bigot,” Carol Laney, co-owner of the Drive-in said to New York Times. “I’m not judging them when I tell you that God’s word says this, that’s not me. That’s God’s word.”



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