Only a day after the election students across the nation carried their backpacks and filled their campuses and city streets hold signs saying “Not My President.” After Donald Trump’s appointment to President communities have begun to protest. College students from California to New York have erupted at the news of the President-elect; even campuses in Texas have become crowded with signs and the LGBT flag.

At the University of Houston students started a protest on campus with “A World Without Police,” DREAMers and “Undocumented! Unafraid!” activists. They posted flyers saying “F**k Donald Trump No To Hillary & All ‘Lesser Evils.” And, “No one is coming to save us from these capitalist, racist and misogynist scum. We only have ourselves.”

So students held signs, chanted and beat a Donald Trump piñata on University of Houston protesting the President and insisted on the school administrators to make a statement, reassuring that the communities that feel threatened feel safe.

Hundreds of students on A&M campus gathered the night after the election in protest. Students held signs that said, “Aggies dump Trump,” and “If All Lives Matter Why Aren’t You With Us?” In San Marcos at Texas State students gathered at the “Stallions” statue on the university Quad. After a few students gathering it turned into hundreds. Many held flags (the American, Mexican and LGBTQ) and others held signs. The protestors sang The National Anthem and Amazing Grace as other students shouted at the protestors on their way to class.

At UT Austin, hundreds of students left classrooms and flooded the streets. They walked from the campus to the capital chanting, and holding signs and flags. Soon bystanders joined in and blocked the streets. The Daily Texan reported that the protests were formed by student organizations such as the “Palestine Solidarity Committee, the Queer and Trans Alliance and the Revolutionary Student Front.”

Protests even begun at UNT and TWU campuses. The day after the election, students from UNT gathered at the Library Mall. Some held signs, some held hands, and some held the American, LGBTQ, and Mexican flag in protest. UNT students gathered not only in protest of Trump but to support other minority communities.

Some of the signs read, “Muslim Americans, We Stand With You,” and “LGBTQ Americans, We Stand With you.” Students also stood and vented about their emotions of the election and the future of the country. Even Grant Hale, the Student Body President, attended the gathering and said “No one’s free until we’re all free.”

Only a few weeks ago at TWU, students marched through campus and gathered to support one another as well. They spread love by caring signs that said, “Love trumps hate” and “Love is love.” They also voiced their concerns about the country and the support they have for minority communities.

Many of the protests have started because students are afraid of the racism and discrimination Trump will perpetuate during his election, based on the comments he has said during his running. Many are also worried about family members and friends being deported, based on Trump and his supporter’s enthusiasm about the wall and the ban on Muslims. Despite their worries and the uncertainty of the country’s future many students are standing strong in solidarity and spreading love.

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