This is not the first time this type of video has been published by the media and it’s not the first time that these videos have been censored by the Venezuelan government. Specifically, President Nicolas Maduro.

Since my arrival to the United States, I’ve seen my country’s representation in foreign media and its almost none existent. Yes, you can find a few articles referring to some senseless thing Maduro said or an analysis about our terrible economy, but ultimately that is just the tip of the iceberg. The real problems are only visible from within the country, sadly it’s something everyone should see for themselves. Millions of voices are being silenced, different sets of opinion are being imprisoned and human rights are being violated more every day.

As you observe in the video, not only are the grocery stores emptier by the second, but also young men and women are going out on the streets to fight for their country and are being massacred. Most of the people starring in this video were imprisoned for their participation. Government and armed force’s corruption are killing the students and future of the nation. And you can be sure that Nicolas Maduro does not want the world finding out what is really going on in Venezuela.

Lack of security and crime are going up, making Venezuela in one of the most dangerous places in the world. According to, on the month of may of 2016 the OVV (Observatorio Venezolano De Violencia) had recorded 120 deaths in the capital, in their article “In Venezuela Is Winning The career of Delinquency.” Also, extra official data points out that about 120 people are currently kidnapped in the whole country, while daily, around 200 express kidnaps happen in the main cities. Feeling insecure is so common in Venezuela that millions of venezuelans go out to the streets with a sense of paranoia as if it were daily routine. 

Last december was when I last visited Venezuela and I did notice big changes since my departure. Venezuela has always had problems, but my time in the United States it made a bigger impression on me. I witnessed never ending lines in supermarkets. People calling their families when milk or butter was available, so they would go to the market as soon as possible. This was because they only sold certain amounts of products per person. I avoided showing my phone in public at all costs.

Does this sound at all normal to you?

I was lucky enough to come from big working family who could provide me with a house and three meals a day. In many rural areas of the country the living conditions are deteriorated; they are literally starving. In addition, given the shortage of food in regular establishments, citizens are bound to pay triple for any product in the black market, or now as it’s called “los bachaqueros.”

So many things are censored by the Venezuelan government for the simple fact that they want to hide their crimes and irresponsible decisions towards the people. Aerom Digital reveals that “the Venezuelan Supreme Court prohibited the media to publish murdering videos,” in order to “not create uncertainty in the population.” But, why hide the truth to the people and the whole world if they have nothing to hide?  

The Venezuelan government has violated an infinite amount of human rights, and the physical abuse from the police force to the citizen gets uncovered. There is also an increasing number of venezuelans asking for political asylum in Miami, Florida. According to a study done by the Central University of Venezuela, in the last 15 years about 1.5 millions of Venezuelans have migrated to different parts of the globe in search for refuge, according to

Sharing censored videos from the dangerous situation in Venezuela is something that has united many venezuelan immigrants around the world. Not everyone can experience the struggles of the remaining habitants of Venezuela but we all can feel the same pain. However, clicking that share button on facebook is not enough. It’s time for the world to start paying attention and realizes what is happening under their noses.

Warning! The following link is a video of police brutality in Venezuela. It contents traumatic and aggressive content. Only for mature audiences.


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