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It’s finally our favorite time of the year—Christmas! Hours of studying for finals have come to a close and we are dusting off our Santa hats and fuzzy socks even though we don’t really need them because let’s be real, we are in Texas.

But now that we are free from the strains of school for just a few weeks, we are all trying to have the Christmas of a lifetime. But how can we have a spectacular break when money is tight and all of our friends are traveling to places like Florida to get their tan on?

The answer is simple! Texas. It may seem boring but the Lone Star State has tons to offer especially this winter season. As bipolar as the winter weather may be, Texas has so many fun and new things to do in order to make any Christmas break fun! But specifically, local Texas has tons in store especially for those of us on a budget. If you have a car and want to experience all the fun winter attractions, check out our Local Texas Christmas Guide Below.


  1. The 12 Days at Night

The Arboretum in Dallas has always been a magical location but add some Christmas lights, nighttime shows and a variety of holiday music and treats and you have the perfect Christmas event. The Arboretum is open from Wednesday to Friday until December 30th!

  1. Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl

For those of us who love football—which is basically all of us, or us just pretending not to—the Heart of Dallas Bowl is an event you do not want to miss. For the 7th year, Conference USA and Big 12 Conference Teams will compete in a thrilling competition for the postseason title. Fortunately enough, UNT’s very own team will be in attendance. GMG!

  1. Gaylord Texan Ice Show

So this one is a bit of a stretch since it’s both located in Grapevine and is a little bit more on the pricy side, but it is absolutely worth it! The Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center creates a spectacular ice sculpture show complete with interactive slides for the family and follows a fun holiday story line.


If you happen to live/know someone in Austin or own a car and want to go on a road trip, the live musical capital is the place to go. Austin has an array of Christmas events and activities for a little price that isn’t too far for a trip!

  1. Trail of Lights

The Trail of Lights may seem over done, but is really quite the sight once you see it. From more than 40 displays and two million lights, this festive mile walkthrough is dazzling and the perfect scape from school. Plus, your first spin under the Zilker Christmas tree made up of 3,300 lights and stands more than 150 feet tall is a must!

  1. Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

Get your favorite holiday drinks or relax with a large cup of your favorite coffee and watch a spectacular light show put on by the coffee shop itself. To watch the show is absolutely free and definitely something you don’t want to miss. The show features interactive light images and music that changes every year to fit the growing crowd. It is definitely worth checking out.

  1. Whole Foods Ice Skating Rink

You may be thinking, “It’s December in Texas, there’s no way I can go outside ice skating!” Well, you’ve thought wrong. The Whole Foods on South Lamar in downtown Austin creates a unique holiday skating event on the roof of the super market for the winter season. The best part? Admission price includes your skate rental.

All in all, while it may not be a white Christmas or a sunny Florida vacation, Texas is big enough to have spectacular events for the entire family or just for you and for a small price. Be sure to check out these cool locations and explore this Christmas break before we are back to the books in January.

If you know of any other cool places to go in Texas be sure to let us know!

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