Your Guide To Fall Street Style

As cooler weather sets in, Starbucks begins releasing their holiday drinks, and the leaves finally change colors, our wardrobes must make the seasonal transition too. As always, fall fashion is about embracing layers and unique textures—but this fall, fashion gurus are taking inspiration from the vintage vibes of summer and incorporating them into weather appropriate ensembles. Warm tones, stripes and chunky shoes are all the rage this season. We have created a fall lookbook for some serious style inspiration.

Our first outfit has too many fall staples to count, yet it is totally unique. The long grey cardigan is the perfect neutral to accent a bright yellow skirt and striped shirt. Yellow and mustard tones are all the rage this season, and we can’t think of a better way to incorporate it than in a pleated skater skirt. The chunky shoes are reminiscent of the 90’s craze we saw during warmer months and bring the outfit full circle.

Sort-of vintage, sort-of hipster and totally street style appropriate, the next outfit is perfect for coffee or class. Comfort is key here and you can’t get more comfortable than jeans and a t-shirt. Accessories are the star of the show for this outfit and you cannot survive fall without a unique jacket. This military style overcoat is something we see every fall, but the chestnut color sets it apart from every other olive colored piece on the street. Once again, the chunky booties are totally 90’s and totally appropriate.

Just because summer is behind us, doesn’t mean dresses have to be too. Shift dresses are a girl’s best friend and leave plenty of room to comfortably eat Thanksgiving dinner. Paired with a jacket or cardigan you can stay warm and comfortable, while leaving legs bare makes for a nice change of pace in fall fashion. Any shoe with a heel combined with a dress is a match made in heaven, but booties scream cooler weather.

We have not seen the last of the maxi skirt, but this version is a welcome departure from the stretchy, plain skirts of yesteryear. Updated yet vintage, this skirt takes inspiration from the suede mini skirts spotted at so many music festivals this summer and brings it into the fall and winter seasons. The orange striped shirt really emphasizes the autumn theme, and you really just can’t get any cooler than metallic shoes.

No matter where you decide to take your wardrobe this fall, stay unique.

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