Relationships, opposite to what some people may think, are messy and far from perfect. Fairy tales do not translate to the real world simply because we know Prince Charming will not always know what the perfect thing to say or always come to the rescue, and princesses will not always be waiting to be rescued or look so damn flawless everyday, sadly.

However, it’s a good thing that real relationships are nothing like fairy tales because they would be quite boring and also there would be a lot of young marriages. The point of having a relationship is to explore each other and find that chemistry, after that it’s just enjoying your time together. Being honest with your partner is an arguable concept nowadays since there is no such thing as 100% honesty in a relationship, there is always going to be things that you keep to yourself.

Have you ever told your s/o something that really bothered him/her and from then on you stopped saying it at all? It’s usually always the basics things that upset anyone: don’t tell a woman she is fat, don’t say another guy is hot in front of your boyfriend, answer their text message within the hour, etc.

But at what point does this affect being real with one another? There are things that we should have no problem doing just because it’s a generally accepted behavior.

For example, the problem of telling a woman how she really looks. Its expected for guy to tell his girl she looks beautiful all the time, that everything suits her, which is not necessarily true. What is wrong if he doesn’t like the dress she picked up that night or that she used too much make up for his taste; that is his opinion. Don’t take me wrong, is not like he is going to say, “You look absolutely terrible in that dress and you look like a clown with all those eye shadows.” No, of course not. You can express your opinion without sounding like total jerk. If she asks you simply say: “To me you are beautiful, but I don’t really like that dress that much.”

Vice versa, a girl should be also entitled to express her opinion about her boyfriend without having to be an issue. Maybe she wants him to grow a beard and that morning he shaved his head. She is allowed to say she does not like it. Stating how you feel should not be something to fight about, even if it’s something negative about the other person. Not everything can be cotton candy and rainbows.

Another action that should not be a reason for fighting is acknowledging other people’s attractiveness. Usually if a guy sees a woman that is hot walking by the street by himself, he will stare or think that she is hot. But if he is walking with his girlfriend it’s like he has those E collars that dog use after surgery, so he won’t look around and get in trouble.

It’s not like you and your partner are the only human beings in the planet, is normal that you find other people attractive. At the end of the day, if you picked him/her its because you are attracted to that person beyond physical appearance.

If relationships are mostly based on honesty and accepting the good and the bad, then things like this should not be subject for problems or fights. If you usually get upset by any of these situations, take it down a notch and your relationship will be healthier and you will feel happier.

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