We can all agree that Snapchat is one of the coolest apps of the 21st century. It allows your friends to get a glimpse of your day-to-day activities. But, unfortunately, as with every cool app, someone has to come along and ruin it for the rest of us. We’re talking about people who don’t know the unspoken guidelines of what’s acceptable to post on Snapchat. We get it; you went to a cool concert, saw some cute animals at the zoo or spent the day with your bae, but you don’t have to document everything on Snapchat. It kind of annoys the rest of us. For some of us who may not get it, here’s a guide to what you should and shouldn’t put on your Snapchat story.

What you shouldn’t put on your Snapchat: 

1. The entire concert you went to Friday night
First off, everything is loud, and honestly we can’t hear a damn thing. Second, YOU’RE AT A CONCERT. ENJOY THE MUSIC. GET OFF YOUR PHONE. SHOW SOME RESPECT.

2. Every single of your meals. Every. Single. One. 
Posting your meals is a plague that’s already on Instagram; don’t spread it to Snapchat. We’re better than that.

3. Videos of you lip-syncing to a song
Listen, we all love Adele’s “Hello” as much as you do, but we could do without the video of you lip-syncing it with tears running down your face and a carton of Ben & Jerry’s in your hand. You are not Dr. Drake Ramoray on “Days of Our Lives.”


We all see the same sun. Hate to break it to you.

5. Your vape tricks
We get it, you vape.

6. A clip of your mixtape along with your Soundcloud username


If you need an explanation, you’re the problem.

7. Videos of the party you went to and how “turnt” you were
We know “IT’S LIT FAM!!!”, but we don’t want to see videos of you tossing a few back, taking “gnarly” bong rips, or awkwardly grinding. Please. Just…no. There’s a time and a place, friend.

8. Snaps of “bae”

He/she is “before anyone else.” Totally understandable. But please keep all that mushy-gushy stuff to yourself so the single people out there don’t end up watching The Notebook, crying and wondering why nobody loves us.

9. Your entire day

“Just woke up”, “Just ate breakfast”, “What should I wear?” Please, if you find yourself guilty of doing this: no. This isn’t fun for anyone involved.

10. Gym selfies
You’re getting “swole.” Nice. Cool. The last thing we want to see are pictures of you getting “gains” while we’re eating another piece of cake.

What you should put on Snapchat:
1. Dogs. Lots and lots of dogs.

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