Imagine the last time you had a bad day. What caused it? Why was it so bad? Did your dog run away? Did you forget to do a big assignment? Fail a test? Now think of how your attitude was after that specific event. Bad, huh?

Bad days are inevitable. No matter how happy-go-lucky a person naturally is, there are days where that happiness turns into annoyance, frustration or anger and the day dwindles. Whether it’s just bad luck, bad decisions or you simply woke up on the wrong side of the bed with no explanation to why you’re suddenly so grumpy, these are some simple ways to fix all of that bad juju and make your day a little bit better.

Treat Yourself

If you have a favorite snack, drink from Starbucks or even a specific restaurant that you love, give yourself a little break and fill up on goodness! After all, coffee can cure just about anything.

Retail Therapy*

Shopping can clear a clustered head like nothing else. Maybe a little credit card swipe can make all of your headaches go away. If you’re super into makeup, head over to Sephora or Ulta and play around with their testers. If clothes are more your thing, try thrifting. Thrifting can be such an eye opening experience that all of these slightly used clothing is available to you for super cheap and you never know what hidden treasures you’ll find.

*make sure you have sufficient funds… overdraft fees are no joke.

Catch Some Z’s

Napping can completely recharge and refresh any bad mojo. Feeling a little down about a test you just bombed? Take a breather, close your eyes and think about puppies. You’ll instantly feel better. Curl up with some Netflix, hot herbal tea and the fluffiest blanket you own and let your stress be resolved.

Wash It Away

Most likely, if your day is bad enough, you’ve probably cried at least six times in two hours, or at least inside. A hot shower or bath can literally wash your worries away. Soak in a relaxing bath with some lit candles and call it a night, or if showers are more your thing, turn on your favorite playlist and dance around. Just, don’t fall.

At the end of the day, here are two very important quotes to remember when your day has gone to…crap.

“Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.” -Johnny Depp

“If you’re having a bad day, just remember that you have managed to get through every bad day you’ve had. You’ll make it through this one too.”

About The Author

Sarah Schreiner is a sophomore journalism major at UNT. She is a sass queen if you have ever met one. She loves laughing at her own tweets, taking candid photos of her best friends, and has no clue what "morning" is.

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