It’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least for fashionista’s and designers. It’s almost Fashion Week. Tomorrow the runways start in New York then all the way to Paris. We are forecasting some things that you might see on this next fashion month, besides hoards of photographers and fashion bloggers in their Gucci belts. We are listing some trends that we think will be on the runway this season.

Bright colors


Thanks to Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery, we believe the runways will be lit up with lime green, screaming pink, cool blues and a few earthy shades. The color Greenery is meant to evoke exactly what it sounds like the idea of greenery and sustainability with a notion of relaxation that is so valued today. We also have to thank Stella McCartney for being a spoke’s person for sustainability and making it the “new cool thing” in fashion. We think that there will be nudges at sustainability and earthy designs through loud colors.

Graphic Tees

Whether it’s
Justin Bieber knocking off Metallica or DKNY making a stand against fast fashion chain stores, or a Kim Kardashian crying, graphic tees are back. Band T-shirts, especially ones inspired by early metal bands, have made it’s way into high fashion. And although graphic tees have sunken under this season’s trends thanks to low cut tube tops, pastels, and chokers, we think this trend will make a come back. Due to the political tension happening in America and the world right now, celebrities and fashionista’s alike are showing off their seasons old political tees and making a statement with their style. So get ready Hot Topic, we think graphic tees will make a big hit this season on the runway.

See Through Dresses


We all have had our fair share of running into sheer dresses. Whether we are watching the Golden Globes or walking through Forever 21, sheer dresses have made their way into high fashion and are here to stay. Couture red carpet gowns have sprinkled their sheer lace and sparkle designs into fast fashion and the consumer market. Teen’s are sporting see through t-shirt dresses with a bralette and high waisted shorts underneath, and Marchesa will keep sending models down covered only by tulle and pearls.

Exaggerated Masculine Forms


As women’s rights become more of a main issue, designers are making statements with exaggerated masculine forms and diving back into the 80s. Last fashion week, few designers feature classic 80s dominatrix-workaholic woman with leather blazers and shoulder pads. Some designers even featured a new twist: deconstruction. Many designers last fall and even some this season featured long sleeved blouses, chopped up pleated skirts and exaggerated shoulders on women. As the feminist movement advances designers are following. More designers are featuring larger shoulder pads and long sleeved blouses to suggest a revolution in women’s clothing through feminism.

Let us know what you think will show up on the runway’s this Fashion Week, besides Gigi, Bella and Kendall.

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