West Oak is known for its ambient atmosphere which is good for studying and hanging out with friends. The warm lighting is perfect for their aesthetic which makes perfect photos for your Instagram feed. You can achieve studying, conversing with friends, and taking rad photos for everyone to see other places too. West Oak is also known for being packed and making some people regret paying almost $6 for a coffee.

Here are some other places in the Denton area that can cater to your needs just as much as West Oak has.


  1. Shift Coffee- Located off Locust st., and down the street from Scrap, Shift is a coffee place that is just as friendly and satisfying as West Oak. Included with your coffee they have books for you to read and board games to play. The place is spacious, but doesn’t have as many seats as West Oak does, but most of the time there aren’t many people there anyway so a crowded shop shouldn’t be a problem on your visit.

West Oak: $5.00 + tax

Shift coffee: $3.75 + tax

  1. Zera Coffee- Just a few blocks down from West Oak on McKinney is another coffee place. If finding room at West Oak is a struggle for you then Zera is your solution. It offers multiple rooms to sit in and even has outside seating just as spacious as inside.

West Oak: $5.00 + tax

Zera Coffee: $3.25 + tax


3. Cultivar Coffee- This coffee place is often overlooked because it is located inside Hypnotic Donuts. If you walk in and turn left instead of going straight for those donuts you will see Cultivar. Coffee and donuts have always gone good together so next time you’re at Hypnotic Donuts give Cultivar some love and grab yourself a latte and check the shop off your list.

West Oak: $5.00 + tax

Cultivar Coffee: average $3.50 + tax


  1. Seven Mile Café– Located off Congress is an overlooked coffee shop that serves breakfast as well. The place has a warm presence (as warm as its coffee and eggs). If you like Coney Island on the square then you will like Seven mile café.

West Oak– $5.00 + tax

Seven Mile Café– $3.50 + tax


  1. Loco Café- Across the street from Seven Mile Café is Loco café, a breakfast and coffee bar that also has wicked latte art. They specialize in many other drinks as well including being dubbed the best biscuit ever. When you go ask for a latte with a biscuit and that will wow your Instagram followers.

West Oak: $5.00 + tax

Loco Cafe: $2.00 + tax

What coffee place did we not mention that’s on your list? Leave your comment below.

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