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“I only talked to you because you look like the kind of girl who is DTF.”

“You’re the type of girl who likes to party a lot.”

“You look like the kind of guy who always does drugs.” 

Brielle Beck. Hallie Muth. Muhammed Kara. Those quotes aren’t made up, and neither are these names. Those derogatory and judgemental statements were actually said to these students—and it’s nothing new.

In everyday life, we find ourselves being judged by others based off of the clothes we wear, the color of our hair, our various heights and weights—the list is endless. This process is subconscious; when we meet or see someone our mind tries to recognize in a sense who this person is and as a result, we have judged them. Recently, however, it has become apparent that society has a new way of viewing people. When people judge, they place others in demeaning categories based solely on the view.

“I don’t understand how by looking at someone you can tell what they would and would not be into,” says freshman interdisciplinary studies major Brielle Beck. “How can you make an assumption about who they are based off of how they look?”

Whatever happened to not judging a book by its cover? Aside from being categorized, deeming people as intimidating has started to become a new trendAccording to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the definition of intimidation is: to make timid or fearful. So what is it about a girl that makes her so scary to others?

There are so many excuses and poor justifications circulating as to why people make these kinds of assumptions. Some say that you are judged solely on the clothes you wear: the style, the color and the length. Others have deemed characteristics that seem strong-minded or independent as reasons why someone is described as intimidating. But in actuality, are these justifiable reasons to degrade someone? We didn’t think so.

“I think some guys make certain assumptions to make their actions seem reasonable. That or they are insecure,” says junior education major, Hallie Muth.

These kinds of judgments aren’t solely targeted within the female community. Males, as well as those in other communities like LGBT groups, face degrading statements based off of how they look or dress every single day. It is not uncommon to hear boys being referred to as players, and let’s not get into the homophobic testimonies people face daily.

“Since I was young, I knew people would always judge me no matter what,” says freshman development and family studies major Muhammad Kara. “Judging someone is just like bullying. There’s no way to stop it.”

Harshly judging and criticizing people based on how they look has become a popular norm in society that can leave bad tastes in the mouths of those they are describing. No one wants to be told that the reason someone didn’t sit next to them in math class is because they were “too intimidating” or “looked like a prude.”

So, why do people judge this way?

With so many people quick to render judgments about another’s character based solely on looks, dress and association, one can safely assume that this trend leads to lost opportunities for new friendships and even perhaps, relationships. And it’s a loss.

Why do you think people judge others so much based on their looks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. We want to hear from you!

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Laurie Bengoa is a sophomore journalism major and a editor for WaveLength Weekly. You can catch her dreaming about her toes in the sand with a book in her hand. She is a firm believer in the fish with a bad fin and the motto, "Just keep swimming."

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