You know what they say, “beauty is pain”, and if you’re a lazy girl, you know that the hardest pain to cope with is that of getting ready. No matter where you’re going or what you’re going to be doing, slathering on a face of makeup and making sure your hair looks at least clean, is enough to make you want to hurl. Looking presentable is one of the hardest activities for a lazy girl and we’re here to reassure you that you aren’t the only one grieving.

These are some beauty struggles that every lazy girl understands. Let the pain begin.

Starting from the beginning of the day,


Now obviously showering is a must on a daily (or pushing it, bi-daily) basis. But it’s not the simple act of showering that causes the most pain, it’s the dreaded day when you can’t just hop in-hop out of the shower. It’s the day when you haven’t washed your hair in three, going-on four, days and the dry shampoo buildup is enough to make your scalp itch.

This is the worst because you’re going to have to shampoo your hair for a good five minutes and then let that conditioner sit for about ten to make sure all the life is put back in. But wait, shampooing and conditioning still hasn’t reached gunshot-wound pain. That, friends, is leg-shaving day. NOTHING is more painful than hopping in the shower and realizing your leg hair could exfoliate your body on its own.

Now whether you’re a makeup first or hair first type of girl, BOTH have painful side-effects.


When doing your makeup, the hardest decision is the “look” that you’re going for. You have to decide if you want to go full on glam, the basic everyday look, or the “no makeup-makeup”.

If you’re going full on glam, you’re going to be stuck with probably close to 20-25 steps and the same number of products being used, plus a good 45 minutes of looking at yourself in the mirror. And more than likely you are either going to be late, or you’re going to look like a drag queen. Or if you’re like us, both.

If you’re going for your everyday look that you can whip out in about 10 minutes, you know the hardest part is when things just don’t cooperate. Your eyebrows are a little too thick because you kiiiiinda overdrew them, and then your eyelashes decide they want to be in a dependent relationship and NOTHING will break them up.

But best of all, if you’re going for the no makeup-makeup look, it’s inevitable that either you’re going to mess it up and put on too much or you’re going to end up giving up and just going bare.


Ahh yes, the epitome of a mess, your hair. Now we know that hair comes in all different lengths, colors, cuts, textures, etc. But a couple things we all have in common are hairstyles and hair-cooperation. One of, if not the easiest yet hardest decisions of the day when it comes to your hair is deciding whether or not you’re actually going to do it. The easy way would be to just say “nah… ponytail it is”, after all it is an instant face-lift if you do the pony correctly. But some days you just want to add a little spice in your life and go for the straight locks or add some body into those waves.

If you’re willing to face the wrath that beauty has caused for us all, then you’ll be asked left and right if you’re from Tennessee, because you’ll be the only ten-they’ll-see.

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Sarah Schreiner is a sophomore journalism major at UNT. She is a sass queen if you have ever met one. She loves laughing at her own tweets, taking candid photos of her best friends, and has no clue what "morning" is.

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