1. A change in scenery.

According to this Huffington Post article, a change in environment can jumpstart that creativity. Go outside and take a walk. Head to the library or go to the park. Maybe what your brain needs is to take a break and get out of that frustration bubble.

2. Get in the zone.

Put your phone on silent and get away from the TV. It’s tempting to binge episodes of The Office on Netflix, but that can wait. Check out this brainstorming article for tips on kickstarting your project.

3. Walk away and start something else.

Just leave it be. Sometimes it’s easier to let the project go for the moment and do something else. You can always go back to it after you’re no longer frustrated, annoyed, or exhausted from trying to break free of the creative dry spell.

4. Set small deadlines.

Make some easy goals like writing a page or a hundred words for the day. You’ll feel accomplished for finishing the goal that the creative block will be pretty much nonexistent. Positive accomplishments=positive results.

5. Find a different perspective.

Phone a friend. Make your mom or sibling read what you’ve been writing or take a look at what you’ve been working on. Some old fashioned writers say this isn’t a good idea, but a different perspective might open up some new doors.

6. Check out other people’s work.

Gather inspiration from others! It’s like when a painter visits an art museum or a singer goes to another concert. Someone else’s style might spark the inspiration fire from within. Also, it’s good in terms of taking your mind off of your rut and away from your piece of work. When you go back to it, your mind is fresh and ready.

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