The transition from high school to college, as we all know, is also a transition from co-dependence to independence. All of the sudden, we have all of these responsibilities and worries only grown-ups have. Student loans, what’s for dinner?, being late on rent, essay after essay, and these struggles become an infinite new territory to explore. The sad reality is that we do not understand that this is not the time to complain about everything that we are struggling with, but to appreciate this time more than anything.

College is the most exciting time of our lives and it’s easy to not notice how fast it goes by. Haven’t you heard older people wish they could go back to those college years? Is not something that we realized until we have graduated and the real struggle begins.

There are certain times that mark our lives and those are the “first times.” The first time you do something is so special that most of the times is impossible to forget. Living alone for the first time has its perks. If you can find the pleasure of the little things that make your college life worth it, then you are making the most of this irreplaceable time of your life.

Decorating Your own Space

There’s always some kind of satisfaction in building your own personal space, from top to bottom; from furry rugs to colorful mattresses. Going to Target or Walmart and picking up those decoration that are going to turn your new apartment or dormitory into your home for the next four years is something you will never forget. There is something very personal about decorating your room, it allows you to realize that you’re on your own, but in a positive way. You will always go back home to your parents, but this way you have something worth coming back for.

Getting Paid on Your First Part-Time Job

The feeling you get when you cash your first check, when your emotions are mixed with excitement and impatience for the next check, it’s really something to be remembered. Sharing my experience with this particular topic I think will let you have an idea of why this is so important for a college student.

With my first pay check I decided not to spend it but save up to buy my first Macbook. After a month I finally did it; I bought my own laptop. The first thing that I could claim as mine. Nobody helped me do it, which is my point exactly: Setting a goal and reaching that goal by ourselves proves not only our independence but our drive and commitment in our adult life.

Cooking Your First [non-microwave] Meal

For those who back home called fixing a bowl of cereal “cooking,” you’ll find that living by yourself will force you to learn more than some morning cheerios and a sketchy sandwich. The microwave becomes a college student’s best friend, but let’s just say that it gets tiring to eat the same preheated mac & cheese all the time.

The first time you cook a meal for yourself, it may not be the easiest one or the best tasting one, but at least it will feel pretty good. Thankfully, we have so many cookbooks specifically made for college students that will tell you step by step how to get the perfect meal. You can find some good cooking books at BRIT+CO’s article, “11 Cookbooks Every Millennial Should Own” by Marwa Diaf. It won’t fail you.

Grabbing Lunch with your Friends Between Classes

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a break between classes to hang for a while with your squad. Even if it is to grab a quick coffee or talk while you wait on the line for Chick fil-A. We all have those busy days where all of our classes are stuck together with glue and we find ourselves running from building to building. Then when lunch break finally comes, we are mentally exhausted and what better way to relax than hanging out with that people that understand exactly what you’re going through. Sometimes bitching about your day with a friend can be the greatest pleasure of all, trust me.

Going To Study To a Quiet Coffee Shop

If you haven’t done it, let me tell you there is no better way to study and enjoy yourself. For some people studying in their house it’s almost impossible; certainly, wherever there is a bed and TV is no study place. And even though the library can be quiet, you will eventually find someone that you know – because everybody tends to go there to study- and get distracted in a matter of seconds. Going to a coffee shop you can order your favorite hot drink, and be in a cozy cute little place while you study. Obviously, Starbucks is way too loud, so don’t even try to go there if you are looking for absolute quietness. Good and sometimes quiet coffee shops around Denton can be: Big Mike’s, Jupiter House, West Oak Coffee bar and Zera Coffee.

The Last Week of Class

Last week of class, the adrenaline, the due assignments, finals. You must think that cannot be pleasure for anyone. However let me tell you that when the storm is over, when you hand out that last research paper, or you write that last answer from your final exam, you walk out of that classroom doing John Bender’s final walk of victory in The Breakfast Club. Getting things done is very self rewarding, knowing you are free to do anything you want for the last four weeks feels amazing. You’re free to burn all of your textbooks if you want; although, don’t do it. Sell them online, it’s way better.

Many students think of these things as mundane activities, but in reality this is all the best parts of being a college students. We should appreciated while they last because what lays ahead it’s going to be tough, so keep this memories for the long ride.


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