The holidays have steadily approached us and the time has come to look through all of Grandma’s old recipe books to find your favorite holiday foods. However, maybe this year you wanted to step up your game a little bit and head to our beloved online Grandma, Pinterest for some holiday cheer.

Betty Crocker? Martha Stewart? Not even needed. Here are 10 of the cutest, yet seemingly impossible, holiday recipes that will be sure to either blow you and your family’s minds or might cause a bit of bah humbug in the kitchen.

Let’s start with “easy” and make our way to “expert,” shall we?

Christmas Champagne Cocktail


Knowing the stress of holiday cooking, a flute of champagne will be much needed. Why not express your holiday spirit with this classy red and green cocktail while taking a bit of the edge off? Let’s just hope our pomegranate syrup stays at the bottom and those pesky pom seeds don’t accidentally slip down our throats.

Strawberry Santas


These little guys are sure to be an all around “awww” when presented at the dessert table. But let’s be real, how many of us can truly cut a strawberry precisely in half without squishing it into jam? Poor Santa is going to be a little less plump this year.

Hot Dog Stockings


Stockings made of hot dogs sound like every pet’s dream, however these adorable appetizers look like they take a little more skill than simply sticking some sausage on a stick. Hopefully these stockings don’t turn either baby boot size or follow the path of Sasquatch.

Christmas Wreath Cookies


Although these mini wreaths look so good that you wouldn’t even want to eat them, we’re pretty sure after a few minutes of trying to make a perfect circle out of these green cornflakes, you’ll end up eating more of the ingredients before even attempting to actually decorate them.

Hot Chocolate Cookie Cups


Relax and take a sip of your favorite hot cocoa out of these adorably mini mugs! Just kidding… don’t try that at home kids. However, you can try to make these mini cookie mugs look like they’re holding your favorite hot chocolate. These are sure to give that Easy Bake Oven a run for it’s money, if that pretzel can even ~handle~ its own.

Mini Cherry Pies


We all know that pie is the best part about the holidays because even if you are stuffed to the brim, your stomach always finds room for a few bites of your favorite dessert. These one-bite cherry pies are a match-made-in-heaven for those of us who cut out an entire piece of pie just to take a few bites. But if you love pie you also know how hard making them can be. This mini basket-weave on top of these little crusts might require the help of one of Santa’s elves that have really really tiny fingers.

Fruit Christmas Tree


What is better than a fruit tree? A fruit Christmas tree! This tree has a pineapple trunk holding all of the amazing summer fruit branches in tact. This one may require a hammer and some nails to keep all of those grapes and berries from falling off. However, after a few branches are gone, it may look more like a dead fruit tree than the jolliest thing you’ve ever seen.

Turkey Crust Pumpkin Pie


Although Thanksgiving has come and gone, our turkey friend still deserves some love. This classic pumpkin pie is dressed to the nines with its turkey portrait crust. This one may need the help of a professional sculptor or a really good stencil. Turkey Tom might need a little introducing with this pie at the dessert table on Christmas.

Christmas Star Twisted Bread


Not only does the word “bread” get all of our mouths watering, but this twisted bread looks almost too good to be real. There is absolutely no way that just by mixing a few ingredients and twisting up some dough, that this masterpiece is going to come alive. Betty Crocker, we’re tagging you in.

Snow Globe Cupcakes


Last but not least, these cupcakes should be the winner of every Cupcake Wars, Great American Baker, and any other dessert-making television competition that is out there. Just look at them. If an amateur baker can even come close to successfully creating these stunning cupcakes, you deserve to have your cake and eat it too.

*Wavelength is not responsible for any devastation or tears that come from attempting these seemingly impossible holiday recipes… blame Pinterest.

Happy Holidays everyone! Let us know if you’ve successfully or unsuccessfully attempted any of these recipes in the comments below!

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