We all know that Twitter is taking the world by storm, and if you did not know that, are you even human? “I have a Twitter but I don’t really like it, and I never get any likes or retweets,” say most people. The fact is, tweeting just isn’t fun unless 1) you knowhow to tweet and 2) you know how to make your tweets “pop” with originality to catch the attention of your friends, classmates, enemies, former teachers, strangers—even the kid who has been stalking you since the third grade. There is a specific art to creating and maintaining the gold that will be produced though your Twitter account. Sure, not all of us are gifted in the wit department, but anyone can become a Twitter sensation with the right skills under their belt.

Below are some tips and tricks to leave your followers wanting more:


You want to make sure that your tweets are relevant. Nothing is better than scrolling through your timeline and seeing a tweet that gives you that “omg same” feeling. In this generation, any tweet that directly relates to homework, food, love problems, sleep, music, ramen noodles, etc. will be sure to win the hearts of your followers. Do not be afraid to let it all out. The more you vent, the funnier it gets—and the more people will pay attention to the horrible day you are having (because face it, people love laughing at other people’s misfortune.)

According to freshman RTVF major Justin Vent, “Like anything else, if you want to get good at something you’ve got to put some time and effort into it. No one’s going to RT you if you tweet every two months about the weather. The more content you put out, the more likely something is to go viral.”


You also want to make sure that you throw a few zingers in there every once in a while. No one likes when someone only tweets about the same damn thing over and over again. We get it, you and your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up, but that is your business, not Twitter’s. On another hand, song lyrics are a great way to show off your music taste, but please do not tweet back to back every line of a song. If we wanted to learn all of the lyrics, we would just hit up Google. Ya feel?

Now, curse words are not always the best nor the most loving choice, but they sure as ~hell~ get the point across. Just make sure you are using them wisely. You do not want to release your inner Lil’ Wayne—turning every other word into slang. They are called “sentence enhancers” for a reason. Caps lock is another one of your best friends in this Twitter relationship. However, like anything and everything…moderation, my friends. Some tweets were just born to be capitalized, and some all lowercase. It really just comes down to your personal preference.


Timing is everything! You don’t want to tweet something at four in the morning when everyone (except the highly unprepared, totally-not-procrastinating college student) is sleeping. Freshman journalism major Jazlyn Mercer claims that you should “wait until everyone is out of class to tweet,” because most people tend to check social media as soon as they walk out of the classroom. Other great times to tweet your fire are between six and eight p.m. for the same effects of primetime television. A great way to take initiative is to go through your timeline. When you see the most tweets back to back, go ahead and throw yours in there. The more the merrier!


Tears of laughter, of course. Sarcasm should be your soulmate, your other half, your partner-in-crime. Shoot, sarcasm should be wearing your clothes, sharing your toothbrush and paying half of your rent with how much it affects your life. Successful sarcastic tweets are few and far between, but just like a future bf/gf, when you find a good one that really makes you think, laugh and smile—RT. [Sidenote: Puns arebeautiful. Use them. A lot.]


Learn them. Live them. Love them. Emojis are something that is relatively new to our set of communication skills. They really have changed the game for everyone who has ever wanted to say something, but just could not find the words. Tweeting with emojis is the best. You can literally tweet “Mood: *insert emoji here*” and get major feedback. Feel free to use them 80,000 times in one tweet. (Actually, only 140 times…thanks Twitter.)

And last, but definitely not least:


The best part about Twitter is you have only 140 characters to get your point across. On the flipside, the worst part about Twitter is you have only 140 characters to get your point across. In this situation, less is definitely more. Sure, sometimes we may have to settle for a “u” instead of typing out “you” but this does not give you the excuse to mess up simple grammatical skills. However, that is something you have look up and learn on your own because really, who has that kind of time? Nothing is worse than seeing an incredible tweet that is worded perfectly and is so relevant to your life at that very moment, but uses the wrong form of “your,” “there” or “too”. It honestly hurts your pride a little bit, and makes you question your entire existence as a human being. Do us all a favor—establish us some credibility as a generation and turn on your auto-correct.

Twitter is the best thing that has ever happened to social media as an entertainment platform. There is something for everyone, so there is sure to be people out there who will think your tweets are complete fire (which they should be if you accurately use these tips). Go stretch your little thumbs, get in a well ventilated area, warn your followers, and have the Fire Department on speed dial, because their timelines are about to be LIT.

About The Author

Sarah Schreiner is a sophomore journalism major at UNT. She is a sass queen if you have ever met one. She loves laughing at her own tweets, taking candid photos of her best friends, and has no clue what "morning" is.

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