Spring is upon us and the piles of mess in our lives have only gotten to their highest peaks since the beginning of the year. With a good three months under our belts so far, we’ve got a good feeling about how this year is going to go. Just like starting a new season of your favorite TV show, we have to prepare ourselves for what’s to come. Prepare yourself for Spring with this gif guide to Spring Cleaning.

  1. All trash belongs in the garbage! Whether this be from your home, car, backpack or even friends, take out the trash.

2. DUST, VACUUM, SWEEP, MOP. “Spring Cleaning” means nothing if all you do is de-clutter. Take a look at your ceiling fan right now, how much dust is stuck to those blades? Yeah, gross. Think of your bathroom. When was the last time you cleaned the shower, tub, toilet? Mopped the floor? Disgusting.

3. Speaking of de-cluttering, get rid of all papers, handouts, anything related to your classes from last semester. If you haven’t touched it by now, you won’t need it. All those extra receipts in your purse, trash. Countless empty plastic grocery bags, trash. That pair of headphones that don’t work anymore, but you’re hoping someday they come back to life, TRASH.

4. Go through your closet. If you haven’t worn something in the last six months (especially if you live in Texas, with it’s bipolar weather) either give it to Goodwill, The Salvation Army, or sell it to Plato’s Closet. Face it girls, you’re never going to wear your prom dress again, and guys, that pair of shoes you bought that don’t go with anything but “look cool”, pass them on to someone who actually needs/will wear them.

5. Lastly, spring clean your life. Get rid of all negativity and temporary people. If they’ve ever done you wrong and not tried to fix it, stop wasting your time. Let go of the people you’ve tried so hard to stay in touch with, but it’s just a hassle. Let go of the people who don’t value your time or efforts you put in for their friendship. Find people who make you feel fresh, happy and brand new.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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Sarah Schreiner is a sophomore journalism major at UNT. She is a sass queen if you have ever met one. She loves laughing at her own tweets, taking candid photos of her best friends, and has no clue what "morning" is.

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