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I wish I were a kid again…

As adults, this statement has become more and more frequent in our everyday lives. The early rising, appointment making, 9-to-5 lifestyle can take a toll on the best of us and there isn’t someone waiting with lollipops after your doctor’s appointment.

Despite how much we loved being kids, the idea of growing up was always exciting. We wanted to live on our own, eat raw cookie dough without being reprimanded and be able to drive anywhere at anytime. Now that we’ve actually grown up, we know how crappy adulthood can truly be sometimes.

Our worries are primarily focused on taxes, politics, rent money, our next meal, a job…the list is endless. Adulthood is the time where everything matters. Who knows where relationships could lead? Will this be that one job you have for the rest of your life? Now we’re just trying to manage being studious and having a social life.

If date planning is already hard enough as it is and you just need a stress-free break, consider trying out one of these fun dates. They are childish, inexpensive and tons of fun.

1. The zoo

To start off easy, plan a date to the zoo. The idea of running around, looking at lions and mimicking penguins could be the highlight of any day. By going to the zoo, you and your other half could take some time to relax, walk around, make faces at animals, eat silly snacks and finish off the trip with a cute picture. And maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be leaving with a stuffed giraffe or cute monkey to snuggle with later and remember your fun trip. 

2. An arcade

When most people nowadays picture arcades they see snotty children, dizzying lights and distraught parents. But arcades can actually make the perfect date. By going during the week, most children will be in school and that means the air hockey table will be vacant and ready to go. Skeeball and Space Invaders will allow some harmless competition while still being sickeningly cute. Once you’ve relived your childhood with a couple rounds of Pac-Man and made the new high score in basketball, you can cash in your tickets and leave with something fun (and affordable) like a piece of candy or a Chinese finger trap…Well, it’s the act of playing the games that count, right?

3. Laser tag

Do you ever feel the need to take out all of your frustrations about getting old, but don’t have a morally correct or legal way to do so? Then laser tag is the answer for you. Seriously, why isn’t laser tag an appropriate hangout location for twenty-year-olds?

Anyone who says they are too old to shoot lasers at people while defending their team’s honor has clearly not lived. As a date you both could join teams to defeat little children (which is oddly satisfying) or be competitive and see who will be more victorious at shooting each other. Overall, this date could be the ultimate form of exercise, competition and fun for those of you who need a break from work. The best part is that most places have cheap weekly deals and rocking discounts.

4. The park

If you’re in the mood for an inexpensive and semi-romantic date, make the park your next date destination. There you can relive your favorite childhood memories by climbing on the monkey bars, pushing each other on the swings and joking about how you’re too big to seesaw. You could even plan a simple picnic with your favorite diagonally-cut sandwiches and finish it off by passing a football back and forth or taking a walk and talking.

5. Bowling

Like many of the other dates, going bowling can be fun, inexpensive and hits home when it comes to childhood birthday parties. It may not always be viewed as a “childish” game, but bowling is the perfect place to take your other half on a date. No matter how much you may suck at bowling and desperately need the kid’s bumpers, the bowling alley is the place to go. Here you can be competitive, interactive and make silly dances to excuse why your ball didn’t hit any pins.

6. Mini golf

Mini golf is the perfect opportunity for both of you to be goofy and silly while sucking at it. No one is great at mini-golf. It’s a hard game to play but will give you privacy amongst groups of people, remind you how it feels to giggle and is the perfect place to run around and be a kid again. Mini golf isn’t about being sophisticated and talking about mortgages. It’s the perfect relaxing activity to get your mind off of work and on making a hole-in-one.

Overall, there are plenty of “grown up” dates that could be just as satisfying and calming, but every once in a while, treating yourself to a fun #FBF activity can be just as rewarding for you and your partner. There are tons of other fun options like carnivals (with ferris wheels), roller-skating or even a Disney Pixar movie marathon to set the mood and take you back a few years.

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