Wavelength Weekly isn’t so much of a “digital magazine.” It’s more of a platform, and a safe haven for a collection of young people with a lot to say and the ambition to present their ideas and opinions in an exciting way. We started out of necessity; theres was simply nothing like us around. Instead of finding something that seemed like a good fit, we decided to start and create  our own content, and let it speak for itself.

For the average millennial, we provide informative topics and engaging photography for topics that are usually shied away from. Our conversation-styled writing is with our peers in mind. From international politics, to who won the game last night, we offer articles and galleries that are meant to be as entertaining as they are enlightening. Providing a happy medium for readers is our primary objective. We want our audience to be comfortable and know that what we post is nothing short of honest, thought-provoking, and not just the average.

We began as just an idea, as a staff of writers and photographers who wanted the collective feel of a community that provided inspiration and motivation for each other. After a year of figuring out what we wanted to present and how we wanted to get our message across, we set out to change what our “norm,” was. It took little time to gel our ideas together and produce what we call our WaveLength. More than just a title, it’s the concept we incorporate into all of our work. We corporally invite you to join in on the good vibes, and enjoy what we produce.